Update 2 - End of prototyping sprint!

Features implemented so far:

  • Speedup powerup
  • Immunity powerup (against stun obstacle)
  • Stun obstacle
  • 2 working players
  • A camera that follows both
  • Elimination when a player lags behind


Cloth simulation: https://gyazo.com/e80dd1e9c6fa96252f669c757538ba44


Unity vs Unreal:

We didn't convert the project to Unity because we would have to learn the engine and C# from scratch and that alone would take a lot of time, Unreal works well for us and everyone in the team has at least some experience in it.

Blueprints were a bit of a challenge to adjust to, but after a while it's clear that it works just like C++ and there are lots of tutorials available online.


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Mar 05, 2018

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