Update 6 – Holiday sprint – Week 1

That's right, the fact that it's Easter holidays doesn't mean that we can relax!
(we totally would if we could though)

[Programming] - Denis

This week I implemented a bunch of things, finishing all projectiles and powerups. Also implemented the programming of the sliding for the player, finishing the player character.

[Art] - Bilguun

This week I finished the level layout. I also fixed the unwrap on some blocks because they had some weird seems. While making the layout of the level I focused on the flow. The layout was made so there are no major interruption or sudden weird stops. To promote the competitive play I also layered the routes so you need to make fast decisions to choose the best path for you.

3D background assets are also imported so we can start filling up our level.

[Art] - Rocío

This week I have been modelling some modular props for the platforms, this models are already in unreal so we can start replacing the old prototype models.

[Art] - Cristina

I created and made available a few more props for the vegetation in the background, such as bushes, mushrooms, fallen logs and added one more type of rock to the collection.
Also, started working on the particle effects for the pickups.


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Apr 09, 2018

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