Update 5 – End of production sprint 1

[Programming] - Niels

I made the players able to wall jump. this went pretty well. they can now do extra jumps in the air when touching a wall. The camera now smoothly moves instead of snapping to the new position when a player gets eliminated. I did it in two diffrent ways, because the first one was not smooth enough, but it was quickly done. And also found the problem  where only 1 controller worked in the build , but it might be a bug of unreal itself.

[Programming] - Denis

This week I spent mostly fixing bugs in the game (in the camera in particular), but also adding a bunch of functionality to it. The camera now has two ways of calculating its position, can switch elimination on and off by edge, and changes can be made at runtime.

Some of the more memorable bugs (that we fixed!) in the camera were for example that the camera eliminated the last remaining player once it was the only one remaining, and that the camera would move slightly back every time it eliminated a player, which was because the average position of the players was incorrectly calculated.

The characters can now also shoot obstacles at one another once they pick up an immunity powerup, and they lose their immunity upon shooting.

[Art] - Rocío

Last week I created the characters, (design, model and textures).  For the end of this sprint I wanted to have the characters assets finished in unreal, model+textures+animations, so we can start using our custom characters next week.

I searched for the animations in mixamo and I found almost everything we needed, but I had to edit some animations to match our necessities.

The main problems I encounter this week was importing and exporting the fbx from mixamo>maya>unreal, because mixamo works with inches. I also found difficulties editing the animations because I don’t have experience animating in maya.

The four characters are now ready in our unreal project (meshes, textures and animations):

[Art] - Bilguun

This week I worked on modular level pieces which will be used to create the entire level's course. I didn't create any extremely angled pieces to keep the flow of the gameplay fast paced. Textures are made in a similar style to the characters with rune patterns for a more unified feeling. By next week there will be more iterations on the textures to have more variation on the runes but for now they are final.

Another thing I worked on is the pickup models. Cristina made some great designs which are used as the base. I worked on them to unify the design in terms of size and color. I created an outer ring to unify the shape so it has the pickup / coin feel.  Some models were also given some extra volume so when we add the rotating animation it won't be completely flat. The speed pickup was also revamped to portray "speed" a bit better.

[Art] - Cristina
I started working out the particle effects for the pickups.  As the style of the game is fairly simple, I think the particles shouldn't be too complex either.  I made a few designs, trying to make them a bit flashy, but not too much, as to keep the icon as the main focus and simply make it easier to spot on the screen and more fun looking.   

These two styles are the better looking and seem to match our game best.

I also started preparing the final background environment props, such as the trees, to be uploaded and used in the game.  


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