Update 7 – Holiday sprint – Week 2

[Art] - Bilguun

This week I finished filling the level with traps/obstacles and pickups. I placed then in a way that you need to make split second decisions and combine certain routes to keep your advantage. 

HUD/UI concepts have also been finished this week but not yet implemented due to time restrictions. Discussing with other group members I have come to a design that everyone likes best. I have kept the same runic elements and style that we have used throughout the game. Using the runic patterns I have also created the first 4 numbers which will be used to number the players and as the font for counting down.

Also the final version of the Main Screen is finished. I had some issues with posing the characters and keeping the pose still. I used a workaround where I made programmed a pause menu in the gamemode and manually paused it inside the editor. To get different angles I also posed the characters inside the animation editor.

[Programming] - Denis

Implemented the mechanic that makes players go faster over time, so that the gameplay becomes more interesting. Also made some minor changes to the map.

[Programming] - Niels

Made the game contoller keep track of the score, able to reset a round and the game when it ends. As well as a player select.

[Art] - Cristina

This week I finished the particle effects for the fire, ice, lightning, slime and speed pickups.

[Art] - Rocío

Placed the new assets to replaced some of the old blockout pieces.


WackyWizards_H2 [old] 132 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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